PA9 connects teachers across borders

Thematic conference – Learning, Teaching, Exchanging – school cooperations in the Danube Region

The EUSDR Priority Area 9 in cooperation with the Austrian National Agency for Erasmus+ Education hosted the seventh edition of the “eTwinning Danube Region Conference” in Vienna, Austria on 14 and 15 June 2018. The conference revolved around the topic „Learning, teaching, exchanging – school cooperations in the Danube Region“. All together fifty teachers from twelve Danube Region countries, teaching pupils aged 11 to 19, participated at the event. It was truly fitting, that the first day of the event took place on the “Bertha von Suttner Schulschiff”, a school boat on the Danube river. Amongst the participants, were also teachers from European Neighbourhood countries like the Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine. The Conference was a big success – twelve new transnational school cooperation projects have been registered and each of the eleven participating countries is involved in at least one project.