EUSDR PA9 | Decision on Letter of Recommendation

The Steering Group of Priority Area 9 has decided on 20 January 2017 to grant a letter of recommendation for the following project:

“Down to Earth – Earthen Architecture in the Danube Region”

Down to Earth aims to reveal a nearly forgotten und nearly lost, but very important cultural heritage: EARTHEN ARCHITECTURE.

The project’s main objectives contribute to the EUDSR and the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme

  • by promoting the local building sector and to educate people in the region
  • by fostering earthen architecture as important part of the common cultural heritage in the Danube region to empower two important economic sectors: constrution industry and tourism
  • by transmitting the importance of using natural resources and by keeping the largest possible share of the added value in local areas to support regional economic development
  • by providing a basis for new innovations in architecture to fulfill the objectives of Agenda 2020.

Lead Partner: Technical University Vienna

Duration: Planned 2017 – 2020