5th International Stakeholder Conference EUSDR PA9

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Radisson Blu Hotel Chisinau

‘The future of work: a world of new and changing skills’

The conference will provide participants with opportunities to discuss how globalisation, technological progress and innovation influence society, including labour markets (quantity and quality of jobs), policies, including skills policies, to meet the challenges for an increasing digital and globalised world.

The conference will assemble actors and promoters of the EUSDR from fourteen countries of the Danube Region and beyond in order to share good practices, to address common challenges for the future and to develop innovative projects and networks for policy development in the field of increasing quality and efficiency of education and labour market systems, improving educational outcomes, skills development, fostering cooperation in labour market policies and promoting equal opportunities and social inclusion.


Conference report


Ummuhan Bardak, ETF – The impact of digitalisation on labour markets and skill profiles

Marcus Strohmeier, Austrian Trade Union – FIT FOR THE NEW WORLD OF DIGITAL WORK danube@Work

Jan Kubalik, DEX Innovation Centre – Integrated Innovative Systems_InnoSchool Initiative