4th International Stakeholder Conference EUSDR PA9

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9:00 - 17:00

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Seminar- und Veranstaltungszentrum Catamaran

The 4th International Stakeholder Conference “Investing in People and Skills in the Danube Region: Towards a New Dynamic for Socio-Economic Developmentof PA9 took place on 5th October 2016 in Vienna. It was hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection and was organised with technical assistance funding received from the European Union.

The 4th Stakeholder Conference aimed at discussing current European growth and development policies, how effective approaches to skills and competences impact their success and what challenges they face with regard to education and training, labour market and civil society participation. Workshops on relevant topics such as quality and efficiency of education and training, educational outcomes, labour market policies and social inclusion were held to exchange current policies and identify requirements and needs to face future challenges and developments. In this context participants were invited to find new opportunities for wider cooperation and closer collaboration. Furthermore, information on funding opportunities was provided by experts and lead partners throughout the conference.

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Presentation Peter Huber

Presentation Ursula Panuschka

Presentation Johannes Gabriel

Presentation Julie Dalmoro

For photos of the conference visit http://www.peopleandskills-danuberegion.eu/4th-international-stakeholder-conference/