EUSDR PA9 | Decision on Letter of recommendation

The Steering Group of Priority Area 9 has decided on 3 March 2016 to grant a letter of recommendation for the following project:

Creation of an Online Platform for JObs, WorK Mobility and Competences to EmpowER Economic Growth in the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Area – e-JOKER

The project envisages development of a cross-border labour mobility platform providing information on open employment and internship positions in the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region, enabling job seekers to upload their CVs and create an European skills passport and giving access to all interested people to:

  • a database with profiles of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the cross-border area, their staff requirements and training needs
  • information about training and retraining institutions with a list and description of the available training courses
  • information about organizations offering HR services

The platform data shall be translated into English, Bulgarian and Romanian and will be constantly updated and extended. Based on the collected data and the analysis of the posted job offers from the cross-border area an analysis of the cross-border labour mobility will be prepared with recommendations for enhancing the integration of the cross-border labour market. The project is led by the Human Resources Development Agency in Ruse, Bulgaria and is envisaged for January 2017 till January 2019.